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Are you looking for extra assurance that your home's foundation can remain leak-free? On top of our gutter and downspout systems, Patriot Gutters can also assist you with this goal by installing French drains. This exterior drainage system will direct water away from your home and prevent its re-entry.

Interested in learning more about French drains? Keep reading below, or schedule a free estimate with Patriot Gutters today! We install French drains in Norman, Moore, Edmond, Shawnee and throughout the nearby areas.

What is a French drain?

A French drain goes by a number of names, including weeping tile, perimeter drain, sub-surface drain, and a whole host of others. However, the basic concept remains the same - this kind of drain consists of a trench that houses a pipe and is then filled and surrounded by rocks and gravel. The pipe allows for both surface water and groundwater to have a safe path away from the home. Additionally, the pipe can be perforated for quick draining.

French drains come in different shapes and sizes depending on the amount of runoff or groundwater it is expected to handle. Based on factors like your gutters, the slope of the lawn, rainfall, and the water table around your home, your Patriot Gutters expert can help you determine the best kind of French drain for your home's needs.

The process to install a French drain

  • Clear the perimeter of the home
  • Dig a trench around the perimeter
  • Lay the drain in a bed of stone along the bottom of the trench
  • Install a discharge line to remove water
  • Backfill the excavated soil

Get started today with a free estimate

To discover if a French drain is a necessary addition for your home's water management, schedule a free estimate with your Patriot Gutters specialist today! We provide gutter, downspout, and exterior drainage services to customers in Moore, Edmond, Norman, Shawnee and nearby in Central Oklahoma.
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Patriot Gutters Images
Patriot Gutters Images
Patriot Gutters Images
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